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Future Forward: She posts only monthly readings, but they always resonate with me.

Her spreads are pretty large but she goes into great detail which is nice. Thanks x 1 LOL!

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Jul 1, I love Sasha Bonasin, but every single month, he's like: " You'll see my lovely Scorpios, a big revelation is going to take place next month " - Buddy, where is this damn revelation? Also, is it me or Tyler from Tyler's Tarot seems to have more of a positive energy around him? I watched one of his videos yesterday and I usually avoid them at all costs, and he seems different. Jul 2, Not true. Stand up for what you believe in. And these fakes will back down. Never surrender. Jul 24, Aquarian Insight has been consistently accurate for myself and my on-again-off-again ex for over 6 months now, since finding her channel.

She is the reason I truly believe in tarot; the way the two different sign-readings contrast gives me chills sometimes. I'm an Aquarian sun, moon, and Mercury and Saturn aha so maybe that's a reason the readings feel so extremely personal. She does weekly readings and I'm consistently spooked and blown away by how precise they are for myself and Pisces ex. Sarah Vrba has also been describing my life for the past six months since finding her as well and her videos have such an compassionate energy to them. The Illest Illuminator is an excellent reader as well, when she isn't rushing through a reading.

Carol's Universe is a great reader too, though more broadly so I find on non-love related contexts. Rune Scope provides very specific details down to random thoughts I've had, she seems extremely intuitive. Temperate Star is a very specific reader, sometimes it doesn't resonate for me personally every month though, since it is so specific.

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But when it is on point, my month plays out down to the meticulous details she communicates. The Quietest Revolution has been objectively very accurate for me as well. Despite the controversies surrounding Amber Khan, I value the foresight of how to approach certain situations, even if the vibe towards Aquarians is strange. I value readers that draw out my own intuition about my experiences and perception of what is happening.

I find these readers force me to look at things I intuitively know require attention even if it is unpleasant. Last edited: Jul 24, Thanks x 2.

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Olivia Love She's beautiful, funny, and I love her energy. Thanks x 2 LOL!

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Thanks x 4 Hugs! Thanks x 1. Jul 25, Aug 1, Anyone watch Tarot in Air? What do you think of her? I vaguely remember a while back Kay Pisces had some online drama and she's never fully correct for my sign but there's something about her that I always liked. Aug 2, Aug 15, Views: 24 Add to. ARtotle Aka A. An unfinished love story! Cosmos High Priestess. You have the vision and foresight to give your ideas a tangible form. Both heaven and hell exist within you. Every time you start to make progress—every time you move closer to your dream goals—your mind finds a way to sabotage your growth. The truth is, we sometimes pose as our own worst enemies. Be aware of negative self-talk and the limiting beliefs that are coming in the way of your growth. The path of creative freedom will pave the way to liberation for you.

Cosmic tip: Be aware of the self-negating patterns standing in the way of growth.

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Let your false sense of ego go. Learning to be receptive to the thoughts and ideas of others will permanently change the game for you. If and when you find yourself at odds with somebody, be the bigger person and step back. Cosmic tip: Learning to be receptive to the thoughts and ideas of others will permanently change the game for you. You have two options, Leo: to continue to cling to the past or make love to the winds of change. The dark phase is coming to an end.

Trust that things will soon turn around for you. For some of you, this could mark a turning point in your professional journey. Pay attention to the project you are manifesting. They promise to put you on the map for all the right reasons. On your agenda today: slowing down. Being in the present. Experiencing the magick in this moment.

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Some of you may be in the mood to give your studio or workspace a one-of-a-kind makeover. What if this is the secret to letting good chi into through your door? Skip to content Primary Menu Search for: 20 december eclipse astrology full moon january 17 horoscope 12 january astrology sign scorpio horoscope january 7 birthday sagittarius 22 december horoscope january 2 birthday horoscope for The Week Ahead for Libra. Libra: Your daily horoscope - October YouTube Videos. Libra daily horoscope - 9 October This is a point that may resonate with you today, as you're called to spend a little extra time on you and your needs.

Taurus, what will be your contribution to the world? Here is your horoscope for November 17, - Horoscopes News! Today's Readings for You Both heaven and hell exist within you.

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Roll out the red carpet because Leo has arrived. On top of that, there are also do's and don'ts for today. Aria Gmitter. Download - Sagittarius Future video, komuragoroly. This is a problem-solving year in which you can expect real, tangible results. General: Close.